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How to Eliminate Unwanted Habits

Eliminate Unwanted Habits

Many people with unwanted habits feel that they are stuck with them for life. After all, if you still bite your nails as an adult where can you go for help? You can paint your nails with foul tasting concoctions or you might have acrylic false nails applied but often, these are temporary solutions and just don’t help in the long run.

Some adults still suck their thumb or finger and this can cause the teeth to move forward and the line of the teeth to become misshapen. Corrective Dental work may prove worthless if the habit is not dealt with first.

Others pull out strands of hair (trichotillomania) resulting in thinning hair and bald patches whilst yet others may grind their teeth together (bruxism).

There are many habits that are relatively easy to acquire but prove difficult to eradicate.

These habits are mostly performed unconsciously – that is without deliberately deciding to do them - and they often happen more frequently at times when you are stressed or bored.

It is because habits are stored in the "unconscious" part of the mind that it is often difficult, if not impossible, to control them consciously.

How does Hypnotherapy help change Unwanted Habits?

Hypnosis to eliminate Habits in Unconscious Mind

Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in changing unwanted habits because it accesses the unconscious part of the mind where habits are stored. This helps behaviour modification to take place by dealing with the unwanted habit at its source.

At The Hypnotherapy Centre in Windsor we have over ten years experience of helping people changing unwanted habits.

Using Hypnosis is useful to change any unwanted behaviour that seems to be "just a habit."  You've probably already noticed that you are not intentionally engaging in this behaviour - it's really just the opposite.

The behavior is being controlled by your unconscious mind, which by definition, means outside your conscious awareness and control.  When you are guided into an hypnotic trance you can access the part of your mind that is maintaining the unwanted habit.  So, for many people, Hypnotherapy is probably one of the most effective methods available to deal with unwanted habits for adults.  

Whilst some cases may be more complicated and require further work to resolve, often unwanted habits can be treated in a 90 minute session at a cost of £95 with subsequent one hour sessions as needed at £65 each.

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