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The Hypnotherapy Centre in Windsor provides safe and effective therapy that helps people to overcome all sorts of problems that they may have been struggling with for some time.

Clinical Hypnosis differs from other therapies because it opens a door to your unconscious mind.  With the help of your Hypnotherapist to guide you, this enables you to “reprogram” those parts of your mind that are resisting change by conscious effort.

We have all experienced the frustration of being unable to achieve our goals because some part of ourselves just doesn’t seem to pull its weight and can even seem to be working against us.

Hypnotherapy works because it bypasses the conscious or rational part of your mind to make contact with the unconscious part of your mind that controls your mental and physical processes. With the help of one of our skilled therapists nearly everybody can achieve a satisfactory level of hypnotic trance for effective therapy to take place.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnotic phenomena have been described for centuries and hypnosis has been used therapeutically for almost 200 years.

There is considerable debate amongst scientists as to the psychological and physiological processes that characterise hypnotic trance.  However, most people describe it as a pleasant state similar to daydreaming.

A common misperception amongst people who have not experienced hypnosis is that it is something that the ‘hypnotist’ does to the client.  The reality is that clinical hypnosis is a collaborative effort, in which the therapist helps the client to achieve a trance state at will.

Clearly the client can chose not to be hypnotised or once in trance can chose to reject any therapeutic suggestions made by the therapist.  In essence the therapist facilitates the client’s ability to enter trance, and once in trance helps the client to make desired therapeutic changes to their lives.

Hypnosis does have a therapeutic value in itself – it can be a relaxing and stress relieving experience.  However it is the therapeutic techniques used in conjunction with hypnotic trance, that are critical to the solution of the clients’ problems.

At the Hypnotherapy Centre we take a Cognitive Behavioural and Solutions Focused approach which means we assist clients to change the behaviours that maintain their problems and rethink unhelpful or limiting beliefs

Hypnotherapy Centre Treatments

Hypnotherapy has proven value in treating many medical and psychological conditions.  Problems that are particularly suited to treatment at the Hypnotherapy Centre are breaking unwanted habits, e.g. smoking, nail biting; weight control; improving self-confidence; stress related conditions, anxieties and lack of confidence.

Hypnotherapy is considered to be a “Brief Therapy” which means that usually only a few sessions, typically 4 to 6, are needed.  Client sessions are conducted on a  “one-to-one” basis as this is found to be most effective.

We generally recommend an initial 90 minute session at a cost of £95 so that your specific issues can be discussed and therapy tailored to your needs.  Any questions you may have can be answered enabling you to feel relaxed and comfortable prior to hypnotic trance.  The initial session will usually include hypnotic trance work.

Subsequent sessions lasts for one hour and the consultation fee for a one hour session is £65.