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Many people want to give up smoking but find that their habit is so ingrained that it is really unpleasant and difficult when they try to stop. Hypnosis treatment for smoking addresses the habit at its subconscious root. This means that not only is it much more effective than other methods you may have previously tried to quit smoking, but it is also so much easier and pleasant for you.



What Is The Treatment for Smoking Cessation?

Hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking at The Hypnotherapy Centre Hypnotherapy for stop smoking treatment takes place during a single session of approximately two hours duration. We will usually begin by answering any questions you may have, offering you a brief explanation of how hypnosis works and outlining what is going to happen during the session so that you can feel comfortable and at ease.

We will then discuss what situations and emotional triggers are specific to your smoking habit to allow the therapy to be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Your therapist will also deal with any concerns you may have about quitting smoking tobacco. For example, if you are concerned about putting on weight as a consequence of quitting, your therapy will include specific suggestions to minimise the chance of this happening.

During the second half of the treatment your will relax and be guided into a hypnotic trance, during which direct suggestions tailored to your exact needs, are delivered.

What if I don’t really want to stop smoking?

It is important that you are at the point in your life where you have decided to give up and are now looking for an effective way to maximise your chance of success. However, even people that are determined to stop can have a part of them that really doesn’t want to quit. We can help you identify and work with that part to help you succeed.

Is Hypnotherapy An Effective Way Of Quitting Smoking?

One of the largest surveys of effective ways of giving up smoking concluded that for most smokers the most effective technique to stop smoking smoking was hypnotherapy (#).  Conscious efforts to stop smoking can be difficult to implement because they do not address the habit of smoking which is difficult to break without the help of hypnosis.

How much does Hypnotherapy cost?

A double session to aid smoking cessation at The Hypnotherapy Centre in Windsor lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and the cost is £150 for a weekday appointment.  Payment may be made by cash, master card or visa.

# The study, undertaken by Frank Schmidt and colleagues at the University of Iowa (reported in New Scientist vol. 136 issue 1845 – 31 October 92) analysed the results of more than 600 independent researchers.