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How to Stop Biting your Nails

Adult Man Biting Nails

Nail Biting is a habit that usually begins in childhood and for some people just never stopped. Most nail biters are not consciously aware that they are actually biting their nails and may be extremely embarrassed of their hands.

They often find it difficult to understand why this habit has persisted into adulthood but, at the same time, may still obtain comfort from the habit.  Often nail biting provides some comfort or relief from stress and so some people will continue for these reasons, putting up with the downsides of the habit.

But there may come a point when the benefits are no longer worth it and it's often at this time that solutions are sought.​

And sometimes, not only the nails but the cuticles and skin around the nails may also be bitten which can lead to pain and infection as well as unsightly fingers and hands.

Can Hypnotherapy help me Stop Biting My Nails ?


Hypnotherapy to stop nail biting deals directly with the unconscious part of your mind to change this automatic habit so that you can have the healthy and well shaped nails that you have always wanted. Fortunately, when the nails are no longer bitten, they usually grow quite nicely and the results can be enjoyed in a matter of weeks.

You've no doubt already discovered that you are not biting your nails with conscious intent.  This is because the habit is being maintained by the unconscious part of your mind.

So, because this is outside your conscious awareness Hypnosis provides access to that part of your mind and helps you to make change in a deeper and more helpful way.

It is important, however, that you do actually WANT to stop nail biting.  Hypnotherapy is an aid to change and will not force you to do something against your will so will always be most successful with Clients who are ready to move forward and leave the habit behind in the past.

How much does it cost?

Treatment for Adult nail biting is usually undertaken during one 90 minute session at a cost of £95 or alternatively over two separate one hour sessions at a total cost of 2 x £65 = £130.

Dear Sandra,

I am delighted to be writing to you with such great news. Within 3 weeks of our appointment for nail biting the improvement was noticeable to my husband . I was so proud when 2 collegues remarked how nice my nails looked whilst on a trip to the theatre.

 It is now 5 weeks since my visit and today I have have had my first manicure of my OWN nails!!!

46years old and a life long struggle to overcome such a disfiguring habit has been achieved!

I went into a shop to purchase a top shortly after and was amazed when the girls behind the counter both commented how lovely my nails were. I have recommended your work to friends and would be happy for you to use my comments for others to benefit.

I have attached a picture of the excellent results.

nice fingernails after hypnotherapy

Client’s fingernails 5 weeks after hypnotherapy for nail biting (Client's own photo)

Grateful thanks once again, PH

So, if you would like to make an appointment for hypnotherapy to stop nail biting, just call or contact us using the contact form on this page.