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Hypnotherapy for Weight ControlMany people, particularly women, struggle with controlling their weight for years, successfully losing weight through dieting, only to put it on again within a few months. So why is it so difficult to keep your weight at a healthy level?

After all, apart from a very small minority, whose problems are due to an underlying medical condition, we are told that weight problems can usually be solved through a combination of eating more healthily and being more physically active in our day to day lives. Most people, who want to lose weight, are aware of the changes they need to make to achieve their goal but experience real difficulty in making those changes “stick“

This is because the root cause of the problem, the reason for overeating, is not taken into account.  So often we eat to relieve boredom, through habit, or without even thinking about it.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps you to make change to those habits so that you can move forward and achieve your goals.



Controlling your Weight with Hypnotherapy

Controlling Your Weight with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can be a powerful ally to help make the necessary behavioural changes and emotional changes at an unconscious level so that you can make healthier eating choices.

Hypnosis for weight loss also provides deep-rooted motivation for reaching your desired body image. In turn, this motivation enables you to stick with your behavioural changes until they become a natural part of your life.

Although individuals vary in their response to treatment, a typical programme comprises four sessions at approximately weekly intervals, followed by ‘top up’ sessions every four to six weeks until your goals are achieved.

We generally recommend an initial 90 minute session at a cost of £95 so that your particular goals and  issues can be discussed and any questions you may have can be answered. We can then give suggestions in hypnotic trance that are tailored to your specific needs.

Subsequent sessions lasts for one hour and the consultation fee for a one hour session is £65.

A package of  4 sessions, 1 x 90 minute and 3 x 60 minutes, to be taken within 60 days of purchase is available for £270

If you would like to book an appointment, just call or email and we will be please to arrange a suitable time.