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Release Stress and Anxiety through Hypnosis

Relaxation with HypnotherapyModern life is often very stressful and this can have an adverse effect, both on the body and on the mind.  There can be so many things that we need to do that very often our own well being comes bottom of the list. Yet this is really the most important consideration as without it, the rest has very little long term value.

Hypnosis is one of the best ways of achieving a relaxed state of mind and body , allowing tension and stress to be released and peace and calm to take their place. As the mind relaxes into a natural hypnotic trance using Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief,  tension dissipates and worry lines smooth out and a sense of well being begins to spread.

Whilst your mind is receptive to suggestions for your benefit, your Hypnotherapist may also include suggestions to enhance your confidence and self-esteem.  This treatment may be undertaken as a single session or over a series of sessions to enhance the long term benefit.

Treatment for Stress is usually undertaken during an initial 90 minute session at a cost of £95 with subsequent one hour sessions at a cost of £65 each. This treatment also makes an ideal gift and gift vouchers are available.