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Stop Thumbsucking with Hypnosis

Thumb or Finger Sucking is a habit which is usually done in private or with close family as many adults who suck their thumb or finger are embarrassed to be seen doing this in public.

Whilst in the majority of cases the habit tends to stop naturally in childhood for others it continues into adulthood.

Thumb sucking can provide comfort and is self-soothing which makes it enjoyable thus perpetuating the habit.

It can also be a coping mechanism for stress and as a natural aid to sleep. Sometimes it will be more frequent at difficult times of life or can be exacerbated by triggers of certain people, places, memories  or situations.

So what are the problems with the thumb sucking habit?

Until the adult teeth come through there are no real medical issues associated with thumb sucking.  But from this point onwards sucking the thumb or finger on an habitual basis has the potential to cause expensive dental problems.  The degree of pressure on the teeth and jaw during sucking as well as the frequency and duration of incidents can interfere with the natural pattern of the teeth often pushing one or more teeth out of alignment.  This can cause dental problems and will need to be addressed before any cosmetic dental work is undertaken or it will be wasted.

And there is also more likelihood of being susceptible to germs and viruses if hands are not thoroughly washed before sucking.

Often there is an underlying fear of being caught out by others and perhaps being ridiculed – especially for adult men.

So apart from dental issues,  it is often a life event or change of circumstances that will prompt the desire to stop.  For example, when entering into close relationships so that a new partner does not become aware of the the habit.   Or being concerned that pressure at work may trigger the habit.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Most importantly, there first needs to be a conscious desire to break the habit. Habits such as thumb sucking can be very difficult to change by conscious effort alone as the habit usually happens unconsciously.   Often people will try physical barriers such as gloves or plasters but these are not always successful.

Can Hypnotherapy help Stop Thumb Sucking ?

Hypnotherapy for stop thumb sucking is extremely helpful as it deals directly with changing the automatic habit in the unconscious part of your mind.   I have found during our discussions that most of my clients do slip into a light trance state when they suck their thumb so are by definition and practise good hypnotic subjects.  This is an excellent indicator that the habit can be addressed successfully through the use of hypnotic techniques.

Most clients who want to stop thumb sucking will come for a 90 minute session at a cost of £95.  The first part of the session is an interactive discussion of issues articular to that person and during the second part I will guide them into a comfortable trance state so that the appropriate suggestions can be made to eradicate the unwanted habit.

If you would like help to Stop Sucking Your Thumb please give me a call or Contact Me Here

” Hi Sandra,
I’m very well thanks, hope you are too. I haven’t sucked my finger since our session, so extremely happy about that!”

For more information about the Thumb Sucking habit Click Here to see an article that appeared in The Times containing information about The Hypnotherapy Centre in Windsor

Treatment for Adult thumb sucking is usually undertaken during one 90 minute session at a cost of £95 or alternatively over two separate one hour sessions at a total cost of £130.

I would really like to say a massive thank you to Sandra for helping me break my lifelong habit of sucking my thumb. After 22 years I thought it would be an impossible task, however even though I was very sceptical at first, it has worked and I have not sucked my thumb since.

I felt very comfortable with Sandra and she has changed my life, 7 weeks later and still going strong! If anyone is contemplating using this method to help break a habit, I fully recommend you just give it a go..its the best money I have ever spent! “

Charlotte xx