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Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying
Being afraid of Flying is a remarkably common ‘phobia’, although there is considerable variation as to its form and severity.  This can cause sufferers to avoid situations that require flying such as foreign holidays and business travel.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying helps by reducing the anxiety associated with flying so that travel can be undertaken more comfortably.

For some this fear will have been present for as long as they can remember.  For others the fear develops later in life and often sufferers will describe how they flew for many years without a problem.

Often the anticipation of an upcoming flight will cause considerable distress as the travel date approaches.  And arriving at the airport or waiting in the departure lounge can be extremely stressful in some cases.

Some sufferers fear that the airplane will fall out of the sky and that they will be killed; Others are more afraid of experiencing severe anxiety and being unable to escape from the situation or of being embarrassed in front of other passengers.

This latter group of sufferers may also have problems with other situations, such as being stuck in traffic jams or being caught on a train between stations.

Frequently they can pinpoint the onset of their fear to a particular flight, during which they experienced symptoms of panic or anxiety such as excessive perspiration, trembling or shortness of breath.

It is important that the nature and onset of the fear are accurately understood to determine the appropriate therapy. Unlike some phobias, fear of flying is often a complex mix of various fears and anxieties. So a comprehensive treatment approach is needed and our therapists have extensive experience in this area to ensure that you receive the most appropriate hypnotic therapy.

Because Hypnosis deals with the issues at the unconscious part of the mind it helps the mind to be more relaxed and calm about flying and to let go of old outdated beliefs so that your journey is much more enjoyable.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying treatment is usually effected over two 90 minute sessions at £95 each – see Consultation Fees