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Bruxism - Habit of clenching and grinding teethBruxism is the habit of grinding and/or clenching teeth together when not eating.  It often arises as a reaction to the pressures of life or at times of stress.  Bruxism is often an indication of unresolved issues that are being suppressed, conflict situations or as a result of suppressed emotions.

Teeth Clenching often occurs during the day when under stress and this is known as Diurnal Bruxism

Teeth grinding often happens during the night when sleeping and a sore mouth or jaw on awakening can be an indication that grinding or clenching is taking place = known as Nocturnal Bruxism.

The sufferer may not even be aware that they are doing this and may only find out after a visit to the dentist where damage to the teeth or jaw is observed.  Alternatively, someone close may point it out to them, particularly as nocturnal grinding is frequently audible and can sometimes disturb the sleep of a partner.


Does Hypnotherapy work for Bruxism?

Hypnotherapy for bruxism deals directly with the unconscious part of your mind to change this automatic habit to help you reduce habitual grinding and clenching.  Treatment is usually undertaken during an initial 90 minute session at a cost of £95  with one hour follow up sessions as required until your jaw remains comfortably relaxed.  The number of sessions will often depend on how long the habit has been in place.

However, sometimes there are issues, such as stress, anxiety or repressed emotions that underly the habit of bruxism.  In these cases it is recommended to treat these issues first so that you can deal better with stress or emotions that are promoting the problem.

This preparatory work will reduce or eliminate the underlying problems that led to the bruxism before the unwanted behavioural habit of bruxism is fully addressed.  You may be aware of these issues already or they may become apparent during the discussion section of your first session.