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Anxiety responds to HypnotherapyWe have evolved, over the centuries, to respond to threatening situations by initiating what is commonly known as ‘the flight or fight response’. As part of this response we produce various hormones that ‘prime’ our bodies for an explosive physical response to the threat.

Whilst this response was useful when our ancestors were being attacked by predatory animals it is less useful in contemporary society where most of the threats that we face are psychological, e.g. an irate boss, rather than physical.

Indeed the uncomfortable symptoms generated by the response, e.g. racing heart & heavy breathing, can often impede our ability to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner.

The occasional anxious response is inevitable and perfectly normal, however some people find that they become prone to responding in this way to what most people would find innocuous events. This might be for a variety of reasons, for example their underlying level of anxiety is higher than it could be or that for some reason they are ‘hyper-vigilant’ to potential threats. As a result such individuals might feel permanently ‘on edge’ or apprehensive.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can reduce anxiety by teaching the body to relax and to respond in a more appropriate way.

Panic AttacksPanic Attacks respond to Hypnotherapy

Panic attacks are a common and serious problem, related to anxiety, in which a person might experience a sense of imminent danger and impending doom accompanied by distressing physical symptoms such as shortness of breath and heart palpitations.

By focusing on these physical symptoms, during an attack, sufferers can often initiate a ‘panic circle’ in which the symptoms become more pronounced, which in turn lead to increasing panic on the part of the sufferer.

Hypnotherapy for panic can be extremely effective in alleviating symptoms and breaking the ‘panic circle’.