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The Hypnotherapy Centre in Windsor

has been treating Clients successfully since 2003 and is well established as a reputable and professional centre of therapy.

Our Hypnotherapists in Windsor

Our Hypnotherapists in Windsor, Berkshire were trained at the prestigious London College of Clinical Hypnosis and are Full Members of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH).

This enables you to be confident that you are receiving safe and effective therapy.

Hypnotherapy Qualifications

William and Sandra have both been awarded Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis from the LCCH. In addition William is a Doctor of Psychology, holding postgraduate degrees in occupational and counselling psychology.

Sandra The hypnotherapy Centre

Sandra Trebinski BSc, ACA, GHR Reg, DHyp, MBSCH


British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

William The Hypnotherapy Centre

William Trebinski BSc, BA, MSc, MSc, D.Couns.Psy,DHyp, MBSCH

Sandra’s Specialisms

Sandra is an experienced therapist who specialises in helping people make positive changes to their lives.

“When you start to notice and appreciate the positive things each day this soon becomes an empowering habit”

Sandra has a particular interest in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Breaking Problem Habits & Confidence & Self Esteem issues

Member of General Hypnotherapy Register GHR
General Hypnotherapists Standards Council GHSC
Sandra Trebinski Hypnotherapist BSCH

William’s Specialisms

William is an experienced Psychologist and Counsellor, who helps people with a variety of psychological issues.

“I enjoy working with people to help them access the powerful resources they already have within themselves to solve their problems”.

William has a particular interest in working with clients experiencing Anxiety & Panic, & Confidence & Self Esteem issues,

PLEASE NOTE: William is not currently accepting new Hypnotherapy Clients due to other commitments in the NHS and in private practice at Windsor Psychologist.  He can be contacted here

Dr William Trebinski DSCH

Hypnotherapy is best described as using hypnosis to aid therapeutic change. You can read more about how hypnotherapy works here.