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Safe and Effective Help for Stop Smoking, Healthy Eating, Public Speaking, Unwanted Habits


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Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy to help Stop Smoking

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Unwanted Habits

Stop Thumb Sucking, Nail Biting, Trichotillomania

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Weight Control

Establish Health Eating Habits and Lose Excess Weight

Some Feedback from our Clients

  • I just wanted to thank you very much for your help. The Board presentation went really well and a number of the senior managers came up to me afterwards to compliment me on it and my presentation skills. I can honestly say I really enjoyed the experience and was in there for an hour!
    "C who wanted help with public speaking"

  • I would like to say thank you, for your help with my “roller coaster” phobia, I went to the amusement park on Saturday, and had a super time with my daughter, riding the rides.
    "MP, who wanted help with a phobia"

  • Still going strong. Not wavered once. No cravings. I dreamt about it a couple of times and as I smoked in my dream, a terrible feeling of guilt come over me. When I awoke, I felt relieved it was only a dream.
    "YS, who wanted help to stop smoking"